Celebration of the fourth movement, Symphony live performances: sacrifice

"The sacrifice" Symphony as a work of classical music from the ترجمانی looking for the presentation of the concept of sacrifice and dedication as one of the purest innate human dimensions.

This is music for Symphony performances has been pirated. Four piece set of musical celebration of Symphony, titled as "parting", "op.», «flying» in «d minor», «life» in «g minor», «sacrifice» in «d minor». A single choir and reader to accompany man (tenor) of other features is that it is the effect of it. In celebration of the piano accompaniment compilation Symphony, guitar, drum, and def گیتارباس considered.

Portions of this work for Corral and other parts of it are written as classic pop. Def in various parts of this Symphony evokes the spirit of courage, sacrifice and selflessness or azkhood is an epic Ode to choir and accompaniment with chains of def audience feel real close to the concept of sacrifice.

Taking advantage of the quiet melody and tender piano and guitar in the reflection of the looming ideals such as love, sacrifice and idealism, which lies in the nature of the خداجویی sacrifice, the defining of the transcendent values is another possible relationship with domestic and international contacts with classic literature provides.

Although the diversity and innovation in the sphere of sacrifice lies in the Symphonic form and content, music enthusiasts can age at different groups to attract, but the most important effect of the contact group with regard to its technical aspects, the young generation.

کنسرت سمفونی ایثار


Composer Majid, the police
Assistant composer Azarnoush صدرسالک
Violin بابائیان, Ebrahim خاچیک Lotfi, Ali Jafari pouyan, ماریاز ظهیرالدینی, Bardiya کیارس
Alto Siavash ظهیرالدینی, لعیا etemadi
Cello Majid esmaili, Meteor, Milky sogol police
Double bass Alireza خورشیدفر
Flute N. Rahimi
Oboe Majid, the police
Horn M. Gharib Nawaz, Hossein mirzaei
Ney Pasha hanjeni
Trumpet H. farahani
Trombone Hossein sharifi
Guitar M. MORSHED, کاربنا Kimiaei
گیتارباس Babak riahipour
Piano Andrea آرزوماییان
Def Bijan kamkar
Drama Hooman Ghaffari
Poet M smart
Singer Hamid supporter
Choir Ali tafreshi, Shahram rokoee, dramatic work, behrang s Shams, Fariba Asadi, police 3D
Sound N. farhoudi, Rahim ناحی, Hamidreza customs
Music recording Studio fun
Mix N. farhoudi

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